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Growth depends on a few walls coming down

After what feels like the world’s longest wait, we are finally knocking down walls! (Obviously, by ‘we’ I mean the royal we, i.e. the builders… don’t worry they haven’t let any of us loose with a mallet … could you imagine!?). It’s a bitter-sweet moment for all of us to be honest……seeing walls of our beloved pub being knocked down came with a few emotions, but it’s quite a big step forward to us actually seeing a difference and making room for the new orangery. Don’t worry, the garden is still fully accessible and all building/demolition work is fenced off and cleverly disguised behind green netting.

In other news, samples for our new staff uniform should be arriving soon and Rob’s getting ever closer to deciding on the new crockery. Would you believe me if I told you this has taken him almost a year!? Watch this space to find out which colours we’ve gone for.