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Out with the old…

Exciting times ahead… so the new bar has been made offsite, the first kitchen wall has been built and the steels for the orangery are up! Our gin still has been made and we’re in talks about when we’re going out foraging for those local botanicals (obviously the arguments have started about who’s going… someone’s got to stay and man the pub!) Continuing with the alcoholic theme of this blog post we’ve recently changed beer suppliers and have had some great feedback on it. We now stock beer from Ramsbury & Ringwood brewery’s, and they seem to be going down well!

The old bar will be dismantled very soon and the new one should be up and running by early November. Around about the same time we’re hoping the roof will be on the orangery, the main dining room will be getting it’s makeover and the brand-new toilets will be opening. The new kitchen is scheduled to be open a little later in November and the orangery mid-December so a busy few months are coming! Fingers crossed this heatwave lasts just a little longer.