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Pull up a chair

This is probably our most exciting blog post yet … it seems that suddenly so much is happening! Rob, Andrea & Alicia took a trip over to Oxford this week to the prestigious ‘Bampton Design’ to choose the all-important piece de resistance for the orangery… the chairs! I’m pleased to report a decision has been made and the chairs have been ordered… hooray! Just the finishing touches left to sort – the shade of wood and the fabric are still to be confirmed but we’re almost there.

Separately the internals of the kitchen are also coming together. We’ve chosen the material for the pass, the pizza oven has been ordered and the rotisserie is in the process of being made. The dry stores are getting knocked down next week so hopefully our team of Chefs will be in their temp kitchen very soon! This not may sound very glamorous but once there in it means the old kitchen can get knocked down, and our shiny new one can start being built! We’ll leave you with the thought of our mouth-watering pizzas being ever closer to reality….