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… in with the new!

The trouble with a refurb of an old building is where do you stop once you’ve started!? We’re now in the process of updating our sign, branding & even contemplating doors & ironmongery! First impressions say a lot about a place don’t they, and although we want to keep our oldie-worldie charm there’s a fine line between that and tired. With branding comes a change our website, menus, wines… even down to the font we use!

We’re starting with the signage out the front and as well as our menu, which will naturally come due to the ever-expanding kitchen, but probably won’t tackle the rest until the orangery is complete and Ali Hamilton has decided on our colour schemes and décor. The amazing guys at Kremer Signs have replaced our old pub sign with a fancy new, gold, logo and the creative geniuses at Alex Chilton Design who designed our fabulous new website will rebrand our menus (with a little help from Rob of course!)