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Sunshine & showers

Are we in West Berkshire or the Sahara? Hats off to our fabulous builders, who despite this crazy heatwave (we’re not complaining… honest!) they have worked tirelessly. So much so, that we now have walls being built! The walls you can see are those of the new private dining room, which is really starting to take shape. In fact, we thought so much had changed that we got Jim back this week to film another drone video and take a few shots of the progress from his last visit. We’re thrilled with how much of a change it shows and can’t wait to get him back already!

Our ‘world-famous’ new loo block is also coming along, so Rob & Ali have been in discussions this week about the décor, fixtures & fittings in there … we even have a mood board! I wonder if any of you have had any experience with a build yourself? For us it’s felt very slow to begin with, until these past couple of week. It suddenly feels like we’ve really hit the ground running and everything is kicking off … a bit like England in the World Cup! It’s all good though, all fun and all very exciting …