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Better foundations than kate nash

The underpinning has finally been completed, and the foundations are starting to be laid … woohoo! You can begin to see where walls will be going for the new private dining room and with any luck, we can soon move on to the next stage of the refurb and start building the brand new loo block!

Even more exciting than wheelbarrows of cement and tons of breeze blocks, is the fact that Rob has now paid the deposit for the £18k board room tables. These bespoke tables are made from German oak, and will be a stunning focal point in our brand new, top of the range conference room. With the help of our amazing interior designer, the lovely Ali Hamilton, they’ve been busy choosing all sorts … doors, ironmongery and all manner of other furnishings. We not only have tables for the conference room but sofas & coffee tables for the lobby also. We can’t wait to share with you our pieces, mood boards & pantones but for now it’s all under wraps I’m afraid!